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We're doing this! Chris and I have been talking about starting a Patreon for a minute now, and we're finally doing it. We're both really, really excited to make this connection with you. Like I wrote in the "About" section of our page, we're going to be treating this as our own personal music diary. We're going to be sharing behind-the-scenes shenanigans from inside the studio, livestream hangout sessions, Q&As, photos, downloads, you name it - along with anything else we can think of. And I mean ANYTHING else... don't be surprised if you get cookies in the mail from us at some point. Chris likes to bake.

So I guess, for my first official Patreon post, I want to ask - what do you all want to see/hear the most? This space is for you, and Chris and I are both looking forward to making it as cool as possible for both of us. Tell us what kind of stuff you'd like from us and we'll do our best to make it happen. For starters, I'm thinking next week we'll have to do a livestream hangout so you guys can help me build the new couch I ordered for our Couch Concert setup. It's supposed to come in a box with like 13 pieces... oof. So that should be interesting.

But couches aside, what do YOU want to hear/see/get? What would make this whole Patreon thing the coolest for you? We've got lots planned but mostly just want to give you the best experience we can in exchange for your support. After all, you're the ones making this whole big crazy music dream possible for both of us.

Love + guitar solos,

Jocelyn & Chris


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